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英语文献:你有白癜风吗?Do you have vitiligo?



热门问题:白癜风是遗传性疾病吗?Is vitiligo genetically transmitted disease?

Yes, I have vitiligo.


My journey with vitiligo :–


It was at the age of 7 when I first noticed a pale white spot towards the right side of my face. I did not pay much attention to it and thought of it to be a mild infection . However, a few days later I noticed that the spot had grown in area and that it was spreading to the other parts of the body too.


I was astonished, confused and scared. By now I was certain that it couldn't be an infection. With time more and more spots grew on different parts of my body. I began feeling extremely low about myself. It surely had a deep mental impact over me.


Then, my dad fixed an appointment with a dermatologist in AIIMS. The doctor prescribed me some medicines and ointment. I took them for the next few months but my health deteriorated. Though the spots were fading, the side effects were'nt easy to handle by a little girl.


That was it. I stopped all the medications and decided to live with it. Though it was a tough decision but I didn’t have any other options. Whenever I would go out people would stare at my spots and tell me stories of people who were diagnosed with it and the treatment they took. Most of the them would ask me the same repeated question, “what’s that on your skin? Is it contagious?” and I would simply give them the plain dead repeated answer.


As I wasn’t seeking any treatment the spots grew rapidly and by the time I was 14, three-fourths of my face had turned white. When it began to become very difficult to be in sun, I decided to search for a way to cure this disease.


I searched on the internet and grabbed as much information as I could. To sum up what I did to treat this disease is as follows :–


• First , I changed my diet and ate only home made food . I ate something else if I was hungry and there wasn’t anything in the kitchen. A great man once said, “What you eat is what you become”.


• Secondly, I reduced my stress levels. I started listening to songs and practiced deep breathing .


• I used an ointment named tacrolimus at night for facial ,neck and hand vitiligo . For the legs I used an ayurvedic oil named chalmoongra (Baidyanath). I used them consistently for one year. The results were marvellous.


Apart from this I was also very strict with my skincare routine which included cleansing and moisturizing. I also used Nivea sunscreen.


Any skin burn or contact with harmful chemicals would trigger my vitiligo .


It is never easy to wake up everyday and see your skin colour change (knowing that you can't do anything about it) . It hurts ! But you can't stop your life for a mere skin disease . Isn't it ?


I feel that it is a harmless and a very ‘innocent’ disease. Though it can be the cause of extreme stress sometimes. It might be difficult to make people understand about this disease but it isn’t impossible. Some may even mock you or call you names but you should learn to stay positive and maintain your mental peace. It is just a change in the colour of your skin. They have one and you have two. That’s it. It is an art. Embrace it!


Thank you for reading !




Edit 1- The scars on my body are my medals and I wear them with pride .


Edit 2 - My vitiligo hasn't been cured but yes it has been reduced to a great extent.


Edit 3- The entire purpose of writing this story was to make people aware of vitiligo and that a bicoloured person isn't anyway different from a normal person. People often think of it as some sort of defect . However, it isn't . Lack of melanin in skin causes the white patches , hence resulting in vitiligo.


Edit 4 - Vitiligo is still an incurable disease . It has never been cured completely except in few cases where it is detected at an early stage . Though it can be treated.


Edit 5- some people are asking about my diet .So, here it is - I have never eaten non veg. So can't say about it. For veg, I would recommend you to eat rotis ,pulses, vegetables, fruits.Avoid spicy food ;drink milk (1glass) everyday ;atleast 1.5l water every day. Avoid junk food . If you eat it then make sure it is of good quality otherwise try eating less. Either you can eat your food as medicines or you have to eat your medicines as food . Try eating babchi seeds and you can eat neem leaves too after washing them . They are both bitter in taste so have a glass of water beside . Avoid excessive use of caffeine . Never exceed more than 2 cups of coffee or tea .



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